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Common Regionals

Author: (currently unknown)
Place/Gathering Discovered: Unknown at this time
Date: Unknown at this time
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
1st Circle: Arcane Mark Uses: 1
Material: White paper and a writing utensil
Verbal: Twenty words
Active: Must be cast in front of the gods/forces about.

Allows the caster to create a magical mark on an inanimate surface. This mark can be disenchanted. The caster intrinsically knows the exacting detail and location of this mark. The caster may only have one mark in use at a time.

2nd Circle: Reforge Uses: 3
Material: A hammer
Verbal: Twenty words
Active: Pounding the hammer on the item as the verbal is recited.

Allows the caster to repair a weapon or shield, but not armor. Once repaired, the item also becomes more resistant to damage. This affects the item as if a "Protect Item" had been cast upon it.

3rd Circle: Crumble Uses: 2
Material: A small hammer
Verbal: "Crumble."
Active: Examine a surface/object for twenty seconds, then strike it.

Allows the caster to deliver a well-aimed shot to the surface/object. Results may vary. (This is an OOC combat call)

4th Circle: Restoration Uses: 4
Verbal: Thirty words
Active: Weapons need to be at least ten feet away from the caster and the body.

This allows the caster to raise AND repair all the armor on a downed person.

5th Circle: Animate Stone Uses: 1
Material: The caster's blood (note: not actual blood, but they should be able to show how they would get it. Perhaps by cutting themselves, etc.)
Verbal: Thirty-six words, beginning with: "Blood to stone, stone to life..."
Active: Applying blood to stone.

This allows the caster to animate stone to do his bidding. This may have a variety of results, depending on what is animated. This spell is typically unstable, only lasting one area.

6th Circle: Mystic Infusion Uses: 2
Material: A silver weapon and silver coating (duct tape) with "Magic, Stealable" written on it.
Verbal: Thirty words
Active: A ritual.

This enchants an already silver weapon to be magic instead. This effect lasts until it is disenchanted, or the gathering ends.

7th Circle: Gate Uses: 1
Verbal: Speak to the gods.

Allows the caster to create a portal specific to a point, which they intrinsically know. You may pass both ways through the Gate. Spell may be disrupted. This portal remains until it is disenchanted or until the caster wills it to end (let the gods know immediately).
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