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Random Areas

The following regional spells show up at random points in times, and keep showing up with no rhyme or reason

Seen at Chimeron Fight practice, adventurer's guild, and other areas.
1.Choose a pool spell.
2. Recast magic missile. Clean catch a magic missile and throw it back at the caster.
3. Combat Heal limb. As per heal limb, but 3 word verbal
4. Extra point of armor cloak. conveys armored cloak. If the caster has it already, the cloak is 2 points.
5. Combat Raise Dead. As per the spell.
6.Living armor. 1 use. Similar to enchant armor except it makes a suit of armor only repairable via heal limb in each location..
7. Wounderous Power: do something. It has a wound associated with the power level of what was just done.

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