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"Holy Reaver"


1st Circle Immunity to Disease
2nd Circle Body Talk
3rd Circle Protection from Sedate
4th Circle Holy Reaver
5th Circle Cure
6th Circle Sacrifice
7th Circle Restoration

Spell Descriptions:

Body Talk:
Uses 3 Description: Allows the caster to talk to a scalped corpse for about 5 minutes. The scalped body can recall anything that happened to it, describing it in detail but cannot use any proper nouns (It was the Prince of Toejam!).

Cure: Uses 5 VC: "You are cured of all ailments." Description: Target is cured of all poisons and diseases, all wounds are healed and their body is raised. Death Wish, Charm, or any type of command or low-level influencing spells are negated. Does not get rid of Taint or any High-Level influencing spells (like Dominate or any type of Brain-washing/Mind Conditioning). This spell can be blocked by Protect the Soul and Resist Magic.

Immunity to Disease Uses 5 Description: Allows caster to protect target from the next casting of Disease upon them. The uses are stackable and the spell lasts for the duration of the event or until the spell is used.

Holy Reaver Uses 5 VC: "Holy Reaver!" Description: Works like Bladebless. If the swing of the blade this is cast on makes contact with a minor undead, the monster is dead and destroyed. Minor undead include Zombies, general Undead, Skeletons, Ghouls, Ghosts, and Wraiths. They do not include Netherforms or Minor Deaths (or major creatures, such as Wrake).

Restoration Uses 2. Can restore a person or item that has had their magic drained from them.

Spellbind Uses 2 MC: Magic Missile Prop. If struck anywhere including a weapon, it causes a spell caster to lose all ability to cast their spells and all spell effects on the caster are turned off for the remainder of the quest. If they have Embrace Death, they are dead and scalped. If it strikes a fighter, then all magical effects, potions, and items/weapons lose their power. This can only be undone by a spell called 'Unbind'. Items and potions, if effected, however, must be Unbound separately.

Sacrifice Uses 3 VC "Sacrifice!" Description: Allows caster to take on another's wounds up to and including scalping, Taint, or any other influencing curse or spell.

Protection from Sedate Uses 2 Description: Gives the caster and only the caster protection from from sedate; used just like Immunity to Poison.

Tags: Regional Magic
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