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The regional magics that surround Ivory are fairly stable. They are largely influenced by a strong desire for knowledge and the wielding of holy power to defend the City and it's people. Only those who worship a good (or possibly neutral-good) deity may call upon the Light or "Church" regionals. Aurora has been known to deny regional magic to those worshiping particular evil gods.

The knowledge-seeking regionals are weaker, but still potent

  1. Blessing of Aurora - This spell allows you to maintain a single instance of the simple cantrip light, and prevent it's disruption.
  2. Prayer - This spell allows the communication with a diety, in a manner similar to getting a spirit's attention. It can be exercised as often as desired, but a good follower knows when to ask, and when to provide for themselves.
  3. Detect Lie - This spell allows the sensing of a truth or lie one time. The influence of Justari is apparent in the city as it has shaped the available magics
  4. Identify Weakness - This spell, similar to an improved version of the common spell "Identify Creature", may provide information regarding combat or magical weaknesses if you are able to meditate on the subject for a half a minute or so, undisturbed. This spell has aided Templars and other warriors in putting down various threats. It has been proven to be effective twice in any given day.
  5. Defy Darkness - This spell provides a strong form of protection over any person who is affected by Necromancy. In essense, you can suppress the controlling component of the spell and simply leverage the animation component. In experience, you may ignore any compelling commands from a necromancer and treat minor necromancy, such as a Create Zombie spell cast upon you, as the more fully animating Create Undead spell. You may also walk where you wish if under the compulsion of the Necromancy spell "Zombie Send", but are just as fragile as normal.
  6. Divine Favor - Once in any given day, the fallen hero who has leveraged this magic will be brought back to life, with all armor repaired (including armored cloak), diseases cured, physical wounds healed. His spirit can call out from beyond the grave for this blessing if he feels that the time is right for his fate to be reversed.
  7. Intervention - Aurora will grant followers of good deities a request to be answered by the god of your choosing. Note that Aurora may deny any such request in her stronghold.

  1. Either: Grant Literacy - The ability to impart temporary clarity of comprehension over written Common to a person. The effects tend to last around a day
    Protect Book - The ability to prevent a book's destruction from mundane fire or other physical damage. The caster can cast it as often as he wishes to draw the warding rune, but it only lasts for 24 hours.
  2. Decipher component - Upon focusing on an object for a minute or so, the researcher may be able to determine one non-obvious component of the crafting or magical composure of an item. This spell has been proven to be effective once daily.
  3. Comprehend written language - If you are aware of the type of written language that you are trying to read (such as Dwarven, Drowish, Undercommon, etc), this spell will ease the mental translation and make the words clear in your mind. You may then piece together a document written in that language, though it may take some time. Languages not available in the vicinity of Ivory or not recorded anywhere in the library may not be as easily accessible. Magically cryptic or otherwise arcane languages are not able to be cracked by this reasonably weak spell of convenience. For instance, we have already tried this on High Sothrani to no avail. This process is mentally exhausting and may be attempted once per day.
  4. Forget the Past - You can force yourself to forget one past event, occurance, or memory (but not the arcane memorization of a spell). The effects of this spell are permanent. This has been used several ways in the Library's past in particularly clever ways; some of perhaps dubious morality. One story tells how a person willingly forgot important information before captured for that information. Another tells of a person who forced himself to forget an erroneous logic train that he continued to follow into. Stories of criminals using this to avert the spell "Detect Lie" have been known.
  5. Veil of Privacy - Enabled by a strong desire for privacy in arcane research, stronger wizards have used this to gird themselves against scrying.
  6. Historical reckoning - This allows the magical research of the history of an item or place. Item must be on hand or the caster must be at said place. This spell is an interesting hybrid between seer magic and non-invasive Chronomancy.
  7. None - There seems to not be a commonly available arcane arch-spell available to wild mages in the city. There have been rumors in several directions as to why this is. Some say it is interference by the divine, others meddling by various magical scholars within the City. Yet others argue still that the magical potential of the surrounding land is unconditioned and not great enough to support that amount of arcane energy. The Faith-based magic is clearly strong, but whether it exists naturally or by mortal binding in the area is hard to say.
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