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North South War

These are the regional I encountered at North South war, Blood & Guts.

1) Improved Repair Armor
Uses: 3
By doing the active component of Repair Armor, the effect is of Repair Item

2) Total Repair
Uses: 3 Active: touch the target Verbal: 20 words
Repair all 7 sections of armor and any weapon combo the target is wielding

3) Unbreakable item
Uses: 1 Material: tape or ribbon
Make one weapon unbreakable, the tape or ribbon may be disenchanted

4) Enhanced Raise Dead
Uses: 5
As Raise Dead, but ignores weapons

5) Healing frenzy
Uses: 1
5 Combat Raise Dead's in a row, must be cast in quick succession

6) Sacrifice
Uses: 1 Active: must be cast in front of the Magic Marshall
Take any and all wounds of the target onto yourself.

7) Up 1 Weapon Restriction
Tags: Confirmed, Personal Account, Regional Magic
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