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1) Women's Intuition
Uses: 1
Ask the magic marshall for a hint

2) Shield Maiden
Uses: 3
as Protect the Soul, must be a large obvious sash with the phrase "Shield Maiden" on it.

3) Eden's Grace
Uses: 5
As Raise Dead, only for women

4) Filter of Love
Uses: Unlimited
Verbal: 10 word chant
Protects against member of the opposite sex

5) Nagging
Uses: 1
Caster may ask the magic marshall a question. It may take multiple tries

6) Resistance
Uses: 5
Verbal: 40 words
As Resist Death, not stack able

7) Valkyrie
Uses: 1
Verbal: Special
Material: Special
Active: Ritual
For one tournament or quest, the caster may channel the power of the Valkyrie. The caster is allowed to wear and call 2 pt. sectional armor, and use any weapon combo along with any spellcasting they normally have.
Tags: Confirmed, Personal Account, Regional Magic
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