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L'Havre de Foret

While I have not been able to find out what the old regionals were, the Guardian Outsider (Laurante) has since made the place his... well, Place, and as such, Regionals have changed. - Sir Iawen Penn-Nosetti, Eagle's Rook

Take to the Trees
Uses: 1
MC: A tree
Verbal: A slow 10 count

If you are next to a tree and are not actively engaged in combat you may touch the tree and audibly and slowly count to 10. As long as you are not attacked in this time you may escape from the location you are in. Place you weapons above your head and make sure to step to the side and away from any combat in the area. You may "look down" on anything happening in the area to determine when and where you will return to. After 3 minutes, or longer if you choose, you may return to the "ground" away from any combat that may be occurring.

Uses: 5
MC: A gem, marking, or similar focus on the forehead. (A bindi, a gem dangling from a circlet, or a third eye drawn in make up are good examples.)
Active: 1 minute of sitting in quiet contemplation without weapons per use used.

The caster is able to hone their mind to better utilize their repertoire of spells. The caster may add 1 more use to any spell they know with the circle of the spell directly affecting the drain on their mind. The circle of the spell directly relates to the number of uses required from this spell in order to increase the number of uses on the spell affected. A pool spell would take 1 use, and a 5th circle spell would take 5 uses.

Uses: 1
MC: A sash with the verbal written on it.
Verbal: 30 words

The caster may only cast this spell on themselves and may choose from one of the following effects.
1: Heal limb when cast on themselves is reduced to a 3 word verbal.
2: 1 pt of armor on all limbs. The armor will regenerate in 60 seconds for each locations when not actively in combat.
3: 2 calls of Resist Death
4: 200 extra scalping blows. This will stack with Heartiness, but will not stack with itself.
5: 5 pts of armor that can be added to any body location at any time. No location may gain more than 1 pt until that pt has been used up. This will stack with normal armor and with Armored Cloak. This armor can not be repaired. It takes 15 seconds outside of combat to add a pt of armor to a location.

Uses: 1
MC: An object made by the caster that emulates their Soul. This should be different from a scalping token.
Verbal: 40 words
Active: 5 minutes spent meditating while holding their MC.

The caster has focused their body and soul to be as one. For the cost of 20 scalping blows the caster may call Aura to an attack done to them that would damage their body such as from a sword blow, ranged attack, or a thrown magical attack. This will block armor piercing attacks. For 50 scalping blows the caster may call Resist to an effect that would kill them instantly such as from a boulder, a Death effect, Obliterate, etc. The scalping blows lost can not be recovered until either the end of the event or until the spell is ended by the caster. Scalping blows gained from Heartiness do not count for the purposes of this spell, but those gained from the Regional Body do. The MC is searchable and must be on the caster in order for them to spend scalping blows. If the MC is disenchanted, the spell ends, and the caster does not recover any lost scalping blows until the end of the event. The caster can do nothing other then defend themselves and walk until they have rested for 5 minutes after the MC is disenchanted. Treat an MC that is broken as if it were disenchanted.

Kara's Legacy
Uses: 5
MC: A shield
Verbal: I've protected you !

The caster, while holding a shield, may at any time take onto themselves an attack that was meant for another person within 5 feet of them. They must shout their verbal with the recipients name to let them know they were protected. The caster may mitigate this attack in any way as if they were the recipient of the attack.

Elhazt's Legacy
Uses: 3, or unlimited if you have Circle of Protection and you combine the spells.
MC: 30' of material to form a circular shape or your CoP rope if you are combining spells.
Verbal: 30 words
Active: You must be attached to the MC in some manner. The attached piece is not counted towards your 30' for the MC.

This spell creates a protected area in which nothing may enter that you do not allow to enter or exit. This includes enchanted and non-enchanted beings as well as magic and non-magic attacks and effects. This area can not be broken or disrupted. The MC can also not be moved by you without ending the spell.

Une avec la ForÍt
Use: 1
MC: None
Active: Spend 5 minutes meditating somewhere in the forest with no weapons in hand and away from combat. See the EH or MM after this.

You've decided that you are going to have a conversation with L'Havre. Whether this was a good idea or a bad one is not up to you and you are not sure what the result will be, but there should be some kind of result. Right?
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