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1st Circle
- Dance of Death - You may Dance in Place while you are dead. Keep your hand on your head.
- First Circle Heal Limb - Uses: 5. As per heal limb.
- Talk While Dead - Uses: unlimited. Verbal: 5 words. The next time you die, you may speak. However, you have no idea what is going on around you and cannot hear others (unless you have Death Watch).
- Toughness: give heartiness to another person by giving them a token.
- Morph Weapon: Uses: 2. MC: Sash. Tie sash around the weapon, and now the weapon now swings "axe", "mace", "arrow", "pole-arm", etc.

2nd Circle
- Seashells: Uses: Unlimited. Active: as per Heal Limb. Verbal: "She sells seashells by the seashore." Heals the touched limb. If you f-up the verbal, the spell fails (is spent). If you f-up 10 times, you lose the use of this spell.
- We Fixed Death Watch: You gain Death Watch, as per the spell, except Our Fix allows you to look around.
- Improved Group Healing: As per Group Healing, but dead people inside the circle are allowed to stand.
- Total Repair: Uses: 3. Verbal: 20 words. Repair Item but it fixes all armor on a person when used to fix armor.
- Giant's Strength: Your strength for carrying boulders is quadrupled!

3rd Circle
- Toy Boat: Uses: Unlimited. Active: Place both hands on the target. Verbal: "Toy boat" x 10. If successful, Repairs ALL armor on a PC, OR repairs a non-magical item. If you f-up the verbal, the spell fails (is spent). If you f-up 5 times, you lose the use of this spell. It can be cast into a Mystic Forge. If casting from a forge, you can cast it after 5 f-ups, and no more than the first f-up from any particular forge counts.
- Dance of Death (Improved!): Uses: 10. Active: Touch a corpse. Verbal: 10 words and an explanation. Corpse dances in place with hand on its head for 60 seconds. After dancing for 60 seconds, the body is raised.
- Improved! Protect the Soul: As per Protect the Soul, but cannot be disenchanted.
- Unbreakable Item: Uses: 1. Material: Ribbon with "unbreakable" written on it. Weapon ribbon is tied on cannot break.
- Selfish Heal Limb: As per Heal Limb, but 3 words per limb, and only on the self.

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