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Nexus/End of Reality

While a few were useful during the day, when we hit the end of reality at the end of the night, these became really useful.

1. Backtrack:
Uses: 1
Verbal: Are you sure you just did that? I'm pretty sure you didn't"
Restore one casting of a 1st through 3rd circle spell just cast.

2.Memories of the future past
Uses: 1
Verbal "Time untold, what is your story"
Ask an open ended question and get a one word response. Only works on quests beginning with a clock.

3. Final Light
"The candle that burns alone burns the brightest. Darkness unhand us"
When being pulled in by darkness, allows the chance of escape.

4. Eyes in the Night
"I am the first and the leader. Where I go, others will follow."
Restores your vision.

5. Mystic Wonder
"I am the fountain of power. Nothing ends unless I end it. Restore magic!"
Restores magic in the event of magic failure.

6. Material Wealth
"I am the rock of the world. Nothing breaks unless I break it. Restore Integrity!"
Restores integrity in the event of an integrity failure.

7. Define Reality "I am the center of th eUniverse. Nothing is over until I say it's over. Restore Reality!"
In the event of reality failure, you have 5 second to cast this spell or reality ends.
Tags: Regional Magic
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