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Rock & Roll

These are the regionals for The Citadel, Leah's fortress that people will be storming November 12th, 1011.


1) Warning Label
As: Protect Item; Unlimited uses ; must clearly describe the item it is attached to.

2) Take note of your Mistakes
As: Death Watch

3) Jury-Rig Magic Item
As: Repair Magic Item; only lasts till end of the event.

4) Learn from your Mistakes
As: Purity to Poison; Additional Active: die from poison 3 times.

5) I can fix That!
As: Enchant Armor; Repair the entire item.

6) Learn from your Mistakes, Part II: Electric Boogaloo
As: Resist Death; 10 uses; Additional Active: Must die interestingly twice.

7) Self - Improvement
As: Transformation
Points and Abilities will be awarded based on the quality of the costume.
Tags: Regional Magic
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