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Famis(Darkness 1) Uses: 5 - Verbal: 20
In order to cast this spell, the spellcaster must approach the target while reciting the verbal. If they make it safely into visual inspection range, the character must state whether or not their scalp is intact. This is not an IC response, and the character can answer while dead and/or scalped. The VC should make it obvious that the spell caster is casting a spell to determine whether or not the character has a soul.

Knell(Darkness 2) Uses: 3 - Verbal: "All Soulless, hear my Knell!"
The spellcaster's voice catches the attention of all the soulless within hearing range, who immediately turn to converge aggressively on the spellcaster. If they make it to the point where the knell originated, those affected may then wander off and return to other points of interest. This spell also functions on characters with Embrace Death, but may not work on more powerful Soulless creatures.

Meritum(Darkness 3) Uses: 1 - Active: Ritual
It is REQUIRED that the caster not actively seek out the MM or EH. The spellcaster makes a ritual offering for power. Depending on what they offer, different gifts may be offered in return from beyond.

Masca(Darkness 4) Uses: Unlimited - Verbal: 20 words, repeatable chant - Material: A piece of garb that covers at least half of the spellcaster's face.
This spell temporarily makes the spellcaster appear to be soulless all spells and abilities that detect souls, making them less noticable to beings that seek out such inner light. In addition, as long as no aggressive actions are taken by the spellcaster, they are immune to any damage inadvertently or purposefully dealt by Soulless creatures while chanting. Once they have violated this non-aggression (continued on Page 2)

-rule, the spellcaster loses this invulnerability for the rest of the event. Aggressive action includes simply holding a weapon, which may catch the attention of a Soulless being's other senses. The VC should indicate that this is some sort of disguise or protection from other Soulless beings. This spell functions on characters with Embrace Death in regards to invulnerability (though they may see the spellcaster as normal), but may not work on more powerful Soulless creatures. The appropriate call for this invulnerability, when struck, is "Masca."

Demagos (Darkness 5) Uses: Unlimited, one at a time - Verbal: A single word command, starting with "By Demagos, I command you to..." Active: Get the attention of the target to be commanded.
Demagos allows the spellcaster to manipulate the darkness within a Soulless being, forcing it to follow a direct one-word command. The current use of the spell ends when the target is slain, the caster is slain, or the command is successfully fulfilled (For example, if the command is "Kill!" and the Soulless kills someone whether friend or foe). The spellcaster may not issue another command until one of the above three conditions is met. The Soulless target may ignore humiliating ("Grovel!"), ambiguous ("Pretzel!") or difficult ("Remodel!") commands. Commands cannot violate mundane laws or ethical codes. If left unattended for too long while under a command, the subject will wander off and the spell will be broken. This spell functions on characters with Embrace Death, but may not work on more powerful Soulless creatures.

Vis(Darkness 6) Uses: 1 Verbal: speak to EH/MM. Active: A ritual may be required.
Vis is the power that fills the growing Void in the spellcaster's soul as they give up more of them to - (End of Page 2)

- their inner darkness. Through practice and ritual, the spellcaster may learn how to manipulate the darkness within and around them to develop a unique power, or they may use a "learning" of a spell to copy one ability or spell used by a Soulless being for the event. To begin developing a power through the use of this spell, talk to the EH. Multiple "learnings" allow for more abilities, or possibly one more powerful ability at the Eventholder's discretion.

Schismatus(Darkness 7) Uses: 1 - Verbal: Speak to EH/MM. Active: A ritual may be required.
Schismatus is a powerful and dark spell that separates the Body, Mind, and Soul of a whole being. (End of Page 3 and regional list)
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