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Kelguardia - Windfall

Windfall Regionals

One casting each:
leyline travel
recharge spell
cry of life

The general idea is that mages are able to tap into and manipulate the magic power coursing through the local leyline.

Combine: as was done at Cloak and Dagger and Gauntlet

Cantrip: caster attempts a “neat trick.” The intended purpose of this spell is to allow players to do such things as pick locks, distract bad guys, create a temporary disguise, etc. MM or EH decides if/how the attempt turns out.

Leyline travel: essentially a partial “go astral.” 15-second verbal count to start and end spell (indicating that the mage is visibly fading out/in). Caster must cross arms over chest to indicate that they are phased into the local magic aura. Caster can see and hear others, but cannot touch/affect anything and cannot speak. Others can see but not touch/affect the caster. Does not allow travel through walls (caster is not sufficiently incorporeal).

Recharge spell: resets anyone’s 5th circle or lower spell

Cry of life: “all_____ within the sound of my voice rise and fight”
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