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In hell, the following spells are available:

1. Voices in my head.
Voices are heard even if you don't want to have them.

2. Protection from hell fire. 20 words, lie on back while casting. Unlimited uses.
Can call "protection from hellfire" when hit by hellfire.

3. Symbiotic soul.
You can find and identify symbiotes from hell and bond with them.

4. Hell Lore. 1 use
Focus on hell and a question and gain insight on it relating to hell.

5. Hell fire. 2 props.
As per MM, but "hellfire" instead.

6. Control Hellgate. 1 use, ritual.
Open OR close a hellgate.

7. Diabolic transformation
Summons a devil into your body, and gain superhuman powers. This will likely have far reaching implications.
Tags: Regional Magic
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