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Within the Nation of Grimloch 3 paths of regionals are available. (Grimloch, The Nation; The Dark One; Grimloch, the Land)

~The Dark One

~Grimloch, The Nation

1) Any Pool Spell

2) Find The Way
Uses: 2
Material: Circle of rope, with a stone in the middle
Verbal: 30 words
This spell provides a route to a Person, Place, or Thing.

3) Selfish Heal Limb
Uses: Unlimited
Verbal: 10 words
As heal limb, heals all limbs, self only

4) Morph Weapon
Uses: 5
Active: wipe blade of weapon with cloth 5 times
The caster may prepare and call from the following list
"Axe, Mace, Spear, Dagger, Arrow, Silver, Bone, Wood, Steel, Magic"

5) Armor
The caster may wear and call 1 pt. Sectional armor. Must be wearing the armor to call.

6) Persevearance
Uses: 2
Material: A circle flagged with surveyor's tape
When the caster dies, after a 200 count the caster may zombie walk to their flagged circle. If they are stopped before they reach the circle they may zombie walk again after another 200 count. When the caster reaches the circle they are raised.

7) Enchant Bracers
Uses: 1
Verbal: 20
Material: Bracers with blue duct tape on them, and the words "Magic Stealable"
While wearing these braces the caster may swing "Magic"

~Grimloch, the Land

1) Zombie Walk
Uses: 5
Verbal: "I command you to follow me"
as Zombie Walk, except you must continuously chant the verbal

2) Cause Disease/Poison
Uses: 3
Verbal: 20 words, written on a scroll, clearly indicating disease or poison
Causes the caster to exude Disease or Poison. On the 1st call of 'Drag' or 'Search' the Caster must call either Disease or Poison, as appropriate

3) Death Speak
Uses: 5
Must meditate for 60 sec. Must re cast after each death. While dead that caster may speak and hear, but not see unless they have Death Watch. If scalped the cater loses all memory while dead.

4) Control Undead
Uses: 5
Verbal: 10 words
Allows the caster to give a simple command to a single undead. Will only work on lesser undead.

5) Protection from Living
Uses: Unlimited
Verbal: 20 words stating purpose of the spell
This spell protects the caster in 360 degrees from attack by anything living.

6) Dominate Corpse
Uses: 2
Verbal: 3 words and an explanation
- enter the body of a dead player or NPC, while inside the caster is not there and may call 'No Effect' to any attacks.
- The Corpse is raised as an undead within the caster's control, and the caster may give unlimited commands
- The Caster must remain withing 4' of the dominated corpse or the spell ends
- The spell ends when the dominated corpse dies.

7) ***
See the Author to inquire about the 7th circle
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