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Paradise is currently effected by two major Forces: the Plane of Faerie, and by the Five Ladies.

1. Choose a pool spell. You now have that spell for the event (it does not go on your Spell Mastery list).
2. Fae Trickery: May lie under the effects of any Truth poison or Truth spell twice. OOC You cannot lie to marshals.
3. Destroy Fae Stone, 1 use. Any fae stone you can see, you may place between two hands and 'crush'. That Fae Stone is no longer in play for the rest of the event (whomever owns the stone, the prop stays with them, but is put away. They cannot re-pull it back out and say it was a second stone.)
4. Create Plant/Tree: Take an inanimate object and permanently turn it into an plant or tree. It cannot be changed back, this is a permanent effect.
5. Resist Magic (1 use), as per the spell.
6. Side-step: This allows you to side-step into Faerie, and then back into Paradise as much as you want. If you are still in Faerie at the end of the gathering, you must contact a member of Fae Staff (Matt Brenner, Sean & Karen Veale, David Martin, Doug Fischer, Laura Hoffman, or Janna Oakfellow-Pushee).
7. Wondrous Fae Power, 1 use, a ritual *is* required to the MM - an Intervention to Faerie. You are not guaranteed who answers, nor might you get exactly what you ask for (or you might get EXACTLY what you ask for, beware). You will have a Lein & Obligation enacted on you irregardless, even if you don't 'play that game'. Use this wisely.

- if you choose this set, you immediately become a ghost. You will not get a tick, you have no body to 'rescue'.
1. Ghost Writer - You can write messages to anyone so long as you have a writing instrument (no, you cannot use your blood, you're a ghost) and a writing surface (so if you can fog up a mirror, you can write).
2. If you *have* this Regional Slot, congratulations, you can manipulate small objects (pens and other non-spell components, no spell components or weapons/shields/arrows/etc.).
3. Not Here: If anyone swings a weapon at you, call Not Here. You will know if something effects you (an announcement will be made at the event).
4. Steal Breath - 2 uses - Suffocate a Humanoid or Sentient Creature that needs air to breathe/function.
5. Possess - 1 use. Possess any Common Humanoid or Sentient Creature that does not have Protect the Soul or Resist Magic(not PCs). Can stay up to a 24 hour period before forced out.
6. Grey Vision, 2 uses. 3 questions in succession, can use proper nouns, and the being who you cast it at cannot retaliate against you. Then you get a number on your head (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).
7. There is currently no explored (known) spell here.

The Ladies:
1. Diskordia - (unknown)
2. Luna - (unknown)
3. Tymora - Tymora's Choice of Fate: You are allowed a small, vague glimpse into two futures, but you may only choose one or the other. It is of the near future, and could or could not change from what is being shown.
4. Eris - Eris's Lesson of Hardship, 1 use only: Take something you equate as 'strife' and have Eris shift it onto the next and nearest sentient creature.
5. Luna - (unknown)
6. Xaos - (unknown)
7. Intervention - it had to be to all Five Ladies: Luna, Tymora(Tyche, Fortuna), Eris, Diskordia, Xaos. A ritual is required, and it will be answered with the chaotic flavor The Five Ladies do so enjoy.
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