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These are the Shadow Regionals I encountered during the Shadow Ball, and recently with the Shadow guardian. These are often encountered alonside the Ivory Regionals(Library & Church).

1) Disrupt Light
uses:Unlimited, as the spell

2) Whispers of Shadow
uses: 1 As Fortune Tell but proper nouns may be used

3) Shadow Blade
uses: Unlimited, 1 at a time
Caster may summon a blade of shadow up to their restriction. This blade is unsearchable and destroyed if struck by boulder, fire, or light. Daylight will also break the blade. This blade does not count for the purposes of Raise Dead.

4) Cloak of Shadow
uses: 1 Verbal: 20 words
As Transmute Self using shadow

5) Shadow Step
uses: 3
You may travel frm one area of darkness to another that you can see by putting your weapon over your head and walking there while chanting "shadow step." Begin and end points must be 10' from light.

6) Breath of Shadow
uses: 2
Regenerate as the Shaman spell. Unless you are raised normally you are scalped at dawn, or the end of the event. This spell does not make you undead.
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