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Eagle's Rook

These were the regionals within the land's of Eagle's Rook, during the Black and White, 2008.

1st Circle Silver Sheen
2nd Circle Detect Lie
3rd Circle Cure
4th Circle Final Rest
5th Circle Embodiment
6th Circle Sacrifice
7th Circle Blessing of Arius

Spell Descriptions:

1st - Silver Sheen
Uses: 5
Material: Spellcaster's weapon
Verbal: 10 words
Description: This spell allows the spellcaster to temporarily enchant his weapon. After preparing it with the spell, it is considered a silvered weapon and the spellcaster must call "Silver," on the next swing of the weapon. The casting is spent if the blow lands an attack to a legal hit location. Otherwise (upon a parry or a miss) only the preparation is lost and the use remains. If you are unsure if the blow landed, you must assume that it did. The spellcaster cannot cast this spell again until the first use of the spell has been discharged. The spellcaster's weapon may not be used by anyone else and still retain the enchanted status. See the Combat Calls Caveat.

2nd - Detect Lie
Uses: 3
Verbal: “Detect Lie. Is what you just said the full truth? This is an OOC question, you must reply truthfully”
Active: Put your hand over head when reciting the verbal to indicate this is an OOC question.
Description: This spell allows the caster to ask a PC or NPC whether a statement they have just made is truthful or not. This is an OOC action – the PC or NPC being detected will not know this spell has been cast. The target of this spell must answer truthfully. Resist Magic will defend against this spell, Protect the Soul will not.

3rd - Cure
Uses: 2
Verbal: “You are cured of all ailments.”
Active: Lay hands on recipient for 60 seconds
Description: Recipient is cured of one of the following: all poisons and diseases, all wounds are healed (a shattered or withered limb for example), death (i.e. they are raised from the dead per a Combat Raise Dead spell). Other afflictions as determined by the MM. May only temporarily cure other long-term or permanent maladies (i.e. it’s probably not going to fix an illness related to some other EH’s plot, you will need to ask them). This spell will be blocked by Protect the Soul (no choice) and can be blocked by Resist Magic (up to the recipient). This spell cannot be used in conjunction with any Group or Circle spell.

4th – Final Rest
Uses: 3
Verbal: 10 word verbal, explanation to target
Material: Caster’s weapon
Active: Impale target with weapon while reciting verbal
Description: There is nothing more annoying than a necromancer who won’t stay dead or a troll that needs to be slain repeatedly. A casting of Final Rest will deal with either, temporarily disrupting a creature’s regeneration, regardless of whether it is a spell or a natural ability. The regeneration will go back into effect once the creature has been raised (for creatures who are not undead and/or under the effect of Regeneration) or animated (i.e. either a Create Zombie or Create Undead is cast upon them, for creatures who are undead or under the effect of Embrace Death). Final Rest has no additional affect upon the recipient (i.e. the Embrace Death/Regeneration does not end, all other rules from any spell still applies.

5th – Embodiment
Uses: 3
Verbal:”Rise and Fight” to target player
Material: None
Active: Target PC must be within the caster’s line of sight.
Description: The concept of this spell is that the caster takes on the aspect of a fallen comrade and fights as effectively as said comrade would (as if they were possessed by the target). The application is that the caster may, in effect, combat raise one target (per use of the spell) within their line of sight. The caster simply yells ‘Target name, Rise and Fight’. The target is then raised, just as if a Combat Raise had been cast on them. Important: The caster immediate takes the target’s place, calling themselves ‘Dead’. They remain dead until they are returned to life normally (though being raised or regeneration). If the spell fails for any reason (if the target PC is diseased or scalped, for example), the caster still falls down dead.

6th - Sacrifice
Uses: 3
Verbal: To Target - “I sacrifice my own health and take on your death/scalping/leg wound/etc”
Active: Touch the recipient while reciting the verbal
Material: Holy symbol or focus
Description: Allows caster to take on another’s wounds up to AND including scalping, or any other influencing curse or spell. Sacrifice may only temporarily allow the transfer of other long-term or permanent maladies (i.e. it may not allow you to permanently transfer an illness/curse related to some other EH’s plot – if you cast this in an effort to do so, you will need to ask the appropriate EH if the transfer is permanent. Unless they agree it is only in effect for this event and the illness reverts to the previously afflicted PC at the end of the current event.). The spellcaster cannot resist the effect of the spell (i.e. receiving the injury, death, scalping, etc) in any way – Resist Magic, Resist Death, and Protect the Soul all fail and no item or other magic or ability will allow the caster to avoid the consequences of his sacrifice.

7th - Blessing of Arius
Uses: 1
Active: Speak to Magic Marshal. This spell will require a quest or sacrifice.
Material: The weapon must be marked as “Event Stealable” for the remainder of the event
Description: This spell will allow the caster to enchant any single weapon with any combat call for the duration of the event. The length of the weapon and the combat call requested will dictate what manner or severity of sacrifice is required for the Blessing to occur. You must see the Magic Marshal if you wish to cast this spell. Please also note that, depending on the combat call you choose, there may be additional plot-related consequences. The weapon that is enchanted becomes “Event Stealable” (i.e. for the duration of the event) and may be used by anyone. The spellcaster does not have to cast this on his weapon. A weapon that already has an existing Combat Call cannot be enchanted, although it is permissible to enchant a weapon type (axe, mace, etc).
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