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The Land of Stonewood is a place of powerful and deep magic. Here, regional magic is not only based on what circles of regional magic you have, but also which Path they came from. I have my regionals split across 2 paths of healer, so here I scribe what I have discovered.


1) Dance of the Dead
Uses: 3
as Zombie Walk, except the corpse must dance behind you

2) Heal all Limbs
Uses: Unlimited
as Heal Limb, except it heals all limbs

3) Ball of Healing
Uses: 1
Can cast any 1 healing spell as a projectile, the caster does not need to know the spell.

4) Transfer Wounds
Uses: 1
Transfer any wounds onto self upto and including scalping

5) Sanctuary
Uses: 1
Write IC name and "Sanctuary" on a piece of note card and hand to the MM. The MM will place the card on site, and at any time the caster may activate the spell and go directly to the location of their Sanctuary. The caster may do this while dead or scalped, but they arrive as they are.

6) Cry of Life
Uses: 2
As for the spell, except for uses

7) ***
See the Author to inquire about the 7th circle
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