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Barony Frontier

1. Translate
1 use, 5 words
Translate a single rune

2. Necrotize Self
Uses: 5 Verbal 5 words MC: Undead mask
This spell turns the caster into an undead creature. On top of being undead, they are immune to poison and diseases, and gain 200 scalping blows. Healing magic does not work on the caster until the spell ends.

3. Remove Curse
Uses: 3 Verbal: 5 Words
Remove a minor Curse

4. Phantom Shovel
Uses: Infinite Verbal "Actually, I do have a shovel"
Move dirt as if you had a shovel

5.Create Cursed scroll
n uses (not written down)
Create a cursed scroll

6. Dragon Slayer
uses: 5, Verbal: 4 words, AC: Wipe the blade 5 times
allows one to swing "Dragon Slayer"

7.Steal Heart
Material: get an item the person holds dear
The person loves you as if they are under the effect of a love poison. Ends when they get the MC back
Tags: Confirmed, Personal Account, Regional Magic
Created by Janus Kil'tra (Chris Donnelly) at 06-18-08 07:38 PM
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