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Xaos, the pure Void. She would be a kinder magic; she bestows both life and death. These regionals have been in effect since the beginning of the Wrake battles.

1 Lesser Raise Dead – Raise Dead, as the spell. 1 casting.
2 Glimpse the Beyond – 1 casting. As fortune Tell, but proper nouns may be used.
3 Soul Exchange – Target’s soul is called; you are scalped under the conditions target was. Ritual spell.
4 Bounty of Life – All castings of target’s Raise dead, combat raise dead, and raise dead potion are doubled.
5 Gift of a Friend – Choose a partner. At any time, you may choose to combat raise dead the person as per the spell, but you die. The target may not be changed.
6 Arrow of Death – Choose one arrow, and mark it with your sigil. Anytime this arrow is fired, it’s user may call armor piercing. The arrow may be disenchanted, and is considered and enchanted arrow.
7 Greater Regeneration – As Regeneration spell, unlimited castings.
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