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When I entered the lands of the Kingdom of Aerenor I found myself sensing a choice of four paths (Non-binding)
The magic of the land seemed to be based on 4 divine beings, whether the magic actually comes from them or it is simply their influence I cannot say.

Vandor, Protection & Vengeance
Gaia, Life & Healing
Kiolin, Balance & The flow of Magic
Chronos, Time


1) Repair Armor
as the spell

2) Pro. Magic Missile
as the spell

3) Protect the Soul
as the spell

4) Vandor's Sanctuary
as Circle of Protection, 1 use

5) Vandor's Vengeance
as the spell Regeneration

6) Vandor's Shield
+18" to your weapon restriction, must be used as a shield.

7) Vandor's Armor
The caster may wear and call up to 2pt. sectional armor
Tags: Confirmed, Personal Account, Regional Magic
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