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These regionals have been in the lands of Folkstone and often show up in other locations for some strange reason. There are 3 path choices to choose from, and all the spells have their uses. The paths are Seeker, Skirmisher and Defender. These are not solidified when you choose them.

1) Toughness
Give heartiness to another person by given them a token.

2) Improved group healing
As per group healing, but people may be standing

3) Improved Protect the soul
As per protect the soul, but can not be disenchanted

4) Enhanced Raise Dead. 5 uses, 30 words,
Bring a character back to life from death.

5) Healing Frenzy
Uses: 1
The caster may cast 5 "combat raise deads" in a row

6) Sacrafice
1 use
60 Seconds
Take all wounds onto self

7) Healer's Intervention
1 use
Call the soul,No quest, a ritual may be required if more than one soul is called


1)Morph Weapon
Uses: 2 MC: sash
Tie sash around the weapon, and swing a call of "axe, mace, arrow, polearm, etc."

2)Total Repair
Uses. 3 Verbal: 20 words
Repair all items on a person. Cast it as per repair item.

3) Unbreakable Item
Use: 1, MC: tape with "Unbreakable on it"
Weapon can not break

4)Magic Gauntlets
MC: Blue taped gloves with "event stealable" on them
Caster, while wearing them, can swing magic

5)Resist death
Uses 3, VC: 40 Words
"Resist Dead" on a hit of your choice. See protectionist caveat

6)Armor Piercing
As per the spell

7)Increase Weapons restriction by one step


1)Improved Speak

2)Improved Death Watch
As per death watch, but only needs to be recast when there is a spell reset

3)Selfish Heal Limb
As per heal limb, except it only works on oneself and is 3 words


5) Resist Magic (as Per the Spell)

6) Regeneraltion (as Per the Spell)

7) Second Chance (as per the spell)
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