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Old Fae Regionals

Seelie Court (1-7): Fae Lore, Protection from Fae, Circle of Mushrooms, Faerie Task, Healing Cry, Revenge, Not There
UnSeelie Court (1-7): Steal Corpse, Selfish Heal, Self-sacrifice, Shatter, Fae Missile, Regenerate, Fireball
Other (1-7): Detect Magic, Recast Magic Missile, Unbreakable Weapon, Mystic Forge, Empowerment, Destroy Wayland Blade, Wonderous Power

Seelie Court

Fae Lore:
- 3 uses, 10 Words - Allows the caster to gain basic knowledge about a faerie within reasonable discussion range. Ask the Fae, if it won't disrupt other players, otherwise ask the MM.
Protection from Fae - recastable 10 word chant - Basically Protection from Undead, but against the Fae. May not protect against the more powerful Fae.
Circle of Mushrooms - recastable 15 words - Basically Circle of Protection. Cannot be broken by a person swiping across the rope; if this happens just lay the rope back in place (ie: unbreakable). It can still be Disrupted.
Faerie Task - 2 uses, 20 words - Allows caster to give a command to a Fae and expect it to be followed. Limitations on commands are the same as those for Death Wish. Might not work on more powerful Fae.
Healing Cry - 1 use - "All those within the sound of my voice..." You know the drill. You fall to the ground dead.
Revenge - 3 uses - Strike one blow to a corpse. If it would work to scalp it, then it counts as 200 blows.
Not There - 1 use - Cast at the beginning of the event to make himself a Changeling. The Changeling looks and acts just like him, and in fact has access to all of the caster's memories and abilities. At ANY point during the event (even while scalped) the caster may decide to allow the Changeling to vanish, and the caster reappears near the tavern area. If anyone asks, he wasn't there. The caster will remember everything the Changeling experienced. Cackle insanely.

UnSeelie Court

Steal Corpse
- 5 uses, an explanation - Just like Zombie Walk, but allows corpses to run.
Selfish Heal - infinite, 3 words - Effects are like Heal Limb. Only can be cast on self.
Self-sacrifice - 2 uses - You cast a Combat Raise Dead, then fall dead to the ground.
Shatter - 1 use, 20 words - Must touch target object with his weapon. Target object is shattered and must have Repair Item or Repair Magic Item (whichever is appropriate) in order to be fixed. Cannot be used on a Wayland Blade.
Fae Missile - 1 beanbag - Just like a Magic Missile, stopped by the same Protections. May have an additional effect on some fae.
Regenerate - As per the Shaman spell, regenerate.
Fireball - 1 use - If it hits the target, they die.


Detect Magic
- 5 uses, 20 words - As the spell.
Recast Magic Missile - Allows the caster to pick up someone else's magic missile prop off the ground and throw it once as if it were his.
Unbreakable Weapon - 1 use, 20 words - This weapon cannot be broken. This spell and Shatter cancel each other out, leaving a normal weapon, as does Disenchant. Please note that while this spell protects the weapon, it does not protect the wielder of it.
Mystic Forge - 1 use, 25 Words - As the spell. *May be charged by anyone, but the caster is the only one who can 'use' it.
Empowerment 1 use - Scalp a faerie with a special ability to reset one person's spells, except any spell which could cause a spell reset.
Destroy Wayland Blade - 1 use, self only - Should be showy. Allows the caster to break a Wayland Blade.
Wonderous Power - 1 use - Magic Marshal will give you an appropriate Wonderous Power... and it's completely in their hands what you get...
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