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"Miss Direction"

These were regionals used for 'A Day in the Realms' and 'Quests, Tokens, and Slander':

1st - Glibness - 1 use - You can lie to characters while under the effects of a Truth poison(not marshals!).

2nd - Distraction - 3 uses - Point loudly and say, "Look, chicken!" and run. If hit you may call protection ONCE PER CASTING (of this spell).

3rd - Rumormonger - 3 uses - Like Fortune Tell, except must use proper names.

4th - "No, Really!" - 3 uses - End verbal for Pas with "No, really" and pass by. Does not work on your fellow adventurers, otherwise a Fancy Pas spell.

5th - Misdirection - 1 use - When scryed upon, a caster can 'misdirect' the answer elsewhere. Marshal must be present.

6th - Skew Divination - 4 uses - as per the spell. MUST declare at check-in who your four targets are.

7th - "No." - 1 use - Second Chance with verbal. "It didn't happen, no way, no how, I'm out, RESET YO!" (Be aware this might take you out of the current quest you are on.)
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