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...and dream until the day of the Feast of Min event.
There are five pieces to this puzzle, to this card.
(a tarot card, shredded away to nothing)
In order to fix the cards, you have to know the story, How well do you know the stories, Outsider?
(a book, locked)
No, no, no, not how well you say you know the stories, but how well you actually do?
(the book falls into a pool)
That doesn't go there. You're wrong. That one goes there. That's not right. Are you listening to me?
(the signs keep being changed around you)
sings Are you still there?
(gets killed)
returns to speaking The Selkie. The Card. See it. Five.
(Shane is screaming in fear.)
The Toy Chest. The Box. This could help here, really help.
(It could also hinder. Choose wisely.)
The slave and the free man, all find their comfort with Lucien of Dreams. Minerva of Dreams. Sweet dreams are made of these...
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