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You wake up, breath sounding funny as you peer about you, vision slanted into only two small areas, peering out into a large battle.

There is a humanoid creature, laughing as he pulls magical webs, no strings, on a person you know well: the new Herald of Chimeron. The person resists, resists, for clearly he is stronger than the creature. Another fellow outsider, one might say, but not an outsider like you. Wasn't he dead due to you before?


There is a woman, your countryman. You know her, too. She is taking all the teachings you have given her and locking them away, putting them on a shelf to Get To Maybe Some Day. With some dread you realize that the best people for the job are all gone... leaving the spot wide open. But you can't take it. You won't. There are more important things to be doing.


While this man works in Ivory, this man sleeps in Ivory, this man fights against dark monsters that drip foul disease, and this one works in the North, *this* man is in a position you never thought you'd see: in a bed of flowers, sleeping, being caressed by many a changeling. Sleeping fitfully, it would seem. Lazy. Or is he?


She is crazy. She is gone. She is too frightened. You see him, too wishy-washy and yet too self-sacrificing. You see her, selfish and taking it all, leaving the rest out in the cold. And you see the oddest elf, dancing happily in the snow because she has won the stars. What the hell does that mean?


A fire, abandoned. No one to stoke it. Three elves huddled around it, one with a baby in her arms. No fire. Nothing.


In a random rush of anger, you reach out to each one of them, determined to get them moving, get them running, but instead they dig in their heels harder. They refuse you. They do not listen to your counsel, and divide themselves.

But in dream world...

...we're all fine.

Dreams? No, no! You're not the Dreamer! And as you rip off your mask, you take the longest, deepest breath--
...and wake up abruptly, tense and ready to stab something, but nothing is there with you.
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