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Dreamer: unknown
Date: 11/04/2010
Where dream occured: Realms
Interpretation included: no
You're suspended in the air, and starlight and clouds are about your person. You're garbed from head to toe, even your hands and face are covered. But there isn't any sound here. Not at first.

There are four others with you. They have given their support to this endeavor (you hope), and you look towards the stars, further in-between the spaces from point of light to point of light.

And you begin to weave.

It's tiresome work, to be sure, but you know you have this. You have to keep going. Not to the point of death, no. You're not a workaholic. But this is where it starts. In Dreams, anyway. There were lessons. There were always lessons. You're sure each one of you experienced them in their own way, whether through Dreams, Memories, or just Existence.

Life is a lesson.

The Counselor of Sky and Space. One would argue that The Dreamer is a good name for it. Also, The Entertainer. The Silent Observer. What *will* you call yourself? How will you write this new story?

Worry crosses your brow, but you feel encouraged and continue on. You might not know the 'Right Way'... but that's alright. You will make your own. You gather more stars and start making a pathway. The other four help by crafting a door, a window, a small little sign, a hut... you're not quite sure what it all is, but your brain ventures its best guess, and you're willing to accept that as you continue work on the path.

...but will you follow this through? This? The hardest of all paths? If Sky & Space are not there in any capacity... what does that mean for Her?

Why are you doing this? For Her? For yourself? Because others expect you to? Because its the 'right thing' to do? Or did you step up here only because 'nobody else wanted it'?

That last thought stops you cold, gloved hands cupped around a tiny star. Was it really about 'want'? Who was best for the job? Who would learn? What was the job? Was it a job one could walk away from when it was done? Was it something to be gained, like a title, to be turned on and off at a missive's whim? Or was it a life calling? Was it something you were made for? Born for? Created for?

What does it mean to be a Counselor of Sky & Space for Queen Nimbus, who, some say, is just Mab re-done? Or is she?
  • Who are you?*

    The star in your hands winks out.
    You wake up in your room and draw your covering to you like a protective shield, quite alert and with many thoughts.
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