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Dreamer: Harlest Kitsune
Date: 01/25/2009
Where dream occured: in the Realms.
Interpretation included: None
You hadn’t done anything wrong.

They were chasing you, three of them. They’d come out of nowhere, but not like how you got here; they were definitely waiting for you.

But why?

Your feet, bare, beat against the dirt road, kicking up gray dust around the patches of dim light from the lanterns. It must’ve been a New Moon, because it was pitch black everywhere else. No time to think, you had no time to think- no way of knowing what would come next.

You ducked into an alley, hid behind some refuse that you could barely see beyond the illumination of a candle-lit windowsill. The footfalls of your pursuers drummed past at an uneven pace, badges glinting in the light that fell just short of your hiding place.

You thought you couldn’t hold your breath any longer. You thought they’d come back. Finally, you let out a ragged breath… and the refuse next to you moved.

“You’ll do nicely for some healthy replacement parts,” came the raspy breath. You felt a hand on your neck, lifting you effortlessly as you choked and struggled. You were lifted into the air, and your head tilted back- the sky was indeed moonless. It was without stars, without clouds, without any hint of light; an inky void, hungrily stared back into you. And then something snapped.

It was your neck.

You felt yourself spiraling into the void, being sundered into points of light and stretched into nothingness by the ravenous chasm in the sky.
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