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Dreamer: Iawen, others
Date: 05/18/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: None
You lay in your bed tonight with the rain lulling you into a heavy sleep. You hear the whistle of a kettle blowing its steam. As you think did "I forget to turn off the kettle?" and as you open you eyes and are in a forest, a dark and rainy forest. You look for shelter from the rain and as you run deeper into the forest the surroundings become unnaturally black until you are in total darkness. You see something crawl at your feet and as you reach to grab it the darkness dissipates.

You then hear the kettle roar once more and see a group of cloaked figures. One man signals the rest of his crew with his hands and they scatter. He then pulls up his sleeve to reveal a glowing red hand. He then turns around and notices you, he then ignites a tree and the whole forest becomes engulfed.

The kettle chimes in and you are running, you look back and the cloaked figures are running after you. You notice a heavy weight on your arms and realize you are carrying something, something important. As you try to remember what it was that was important the scenery fades to darkness again. All you can hear is the heavy rain enveloping all the sound.

A sudden crack of thunder awakens you from your deep sleep.

- I'm not sure who else dreamed this, my fellow Librarians, but here it is. - Iawen Penn
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