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a Dream I feel I should share

Dreamer: Shane Ishan
Date: 12/29/2010
Where dream occured: Val'Dara
Interpretation included: Responses included
From the late Shane Ishan (Penn) - Iawen

"Have you heard the news?" she asks plainly. "A guy on the path of Space and Fire challenged the Faerie Duke of Magic, and insulted the Queen of Faerie itself! Of course, that could just be rumor, and I could be here to antagonize you. Have I spoken ill-will yet, however, my opponent, Shane?"

She stands, no longer dressed in clothes of a simple child, and I can see she is twisted taller, straighter, made to look older, more tired, more tough. A jacket of ripped courdoroy hangs down off the frame, covering odd... pants with pockets and netting. The tool-belt looks mold-covered, and although he cannot smell it, he wrinkles his nose in disgust.

"Have you heard the news? All those who are supposedly Dreamers are being tested when they reach out in Dreams. One of them even met with the Queen! Another is learning how to craft their own dream-scape. I have heard nothing of the other four," she adds, pulling out a small tin box from one of the pockets.

She opens it to reveal a reed, a few matches, and folded up pieces of incense. Rolling it between two fingers on a stained leather work glove, she creates a long type of cigarette and places one end in the reed, lighting the other side by striking the match against the rough sole on her boot. After a few puffs, she waves the smoke away and speaks.

"Have you heard the news? The Defenders are scattered: one is questing for a place that no longer exists and yet does, one is too hurt and not wanting to ruffle feathers to do anything, one is a follower and selective about who they protect, one is Random, and one no one has seen adventuring for some time."

"Have you heard the news?" she shifts her weight to the left side, cocking an eyebrow as she tilts her head. "The Druids are little and broke no threat; for a Demonness holds all the cards in this poker game. No one has sat down at her table to play, nor even suggested a game of their own. Surely she will keep her position, and what she does with it a second time is anyone's guess."

The girl flicks some of the ashes off the lit embers, and stares with dark, baggy eyes at me.

"Have you heard the news? The Inventors are stepping up. A challenge had been laid down, but it doesn't seem like anyone is picking it up. I build my fortress in preparation so I have a Place, but they have no Place of their own. I have manufactured those who are not living, not dead, nor un-dead, yet they walk, talk, and move around, performing simple functions. The Inventors have no such army. I have told the Queen about my intention to keep the position of Earth and Water and to serve her as I served Queen Titania-- with a measured degree of INSANITY." she grins wildly.

"And in the end, if no one challenges me, then I shall win, hands down, and what I do that day, that great and terrible day of the Last Battle? Hmm... that *is* a wonder. What *will* I do that day?"

And as she begins to ruminate, there is an explosion in the fortress, fire billowing up into the night sky.

I hears screams, but not of any twisted creatures or fae, but of adventurers, of Realmsies, of people I know...

Yes this is a dream from the Artisan, the woman who holds the place between earth and water, She has yet to tell me a lie or an untruth as of yet.

Blessings of Tides and Seasons,
Shane Stillwater
Shane and others,

From the path of Space and Fire I let you know that rumor is true. There has been an error on our path and we are seeking to heal it and correct it. Do not look ill on those who make mistakes, that is the nature of us all.

I hope the rest of your paths are quick to find resolution. I put forth my original offer of help. If your groups are having trouble making decisions, look to other paths for help getting past a stalled arguement. In the end we all need to work together.

I will be the first to step up and ask for help outside of my path. Anyone on another path who has met a 'teacher' or guiding force to help them through trials, please contact me. Even if you know who this entity is, please contact me. I will not seek secrets of your path. I need comparision for the safety of the Space and Fire path and all who walk it.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing this, Shane.

I can easily say that I did meet the Queen (as nerve wracking as that was) and Domino is very...I believe the word he used was 'interested', in meeting Ged.

From what it seems, I don't like the fact that this Counselor of Earth and Water is being pulled and twisted. Is she being changed against her will again?
A word of advice to all of us, not just those of Sky and Space...be careful what you say and do. Words have power. We can change the very existence of something, someone even like this poor girl, by doing this.

Learn caution with your words, all, because I don't wish for you to learn the hard way.
Yes she has been changed because of that very lessons. I made the mistake of calling her by a title that was not hers, but I wish to remedy that if possible and if not then I am not sure what to do from there.

~Shane Stillwater
So you know how to remedy it?

- Quazar
No I do not, I was originally planning on using the power of Leviathan's Wisdom to find a way but must follow Leviathans Love to complete a challenge that has been placed before me.
I would suggest trying to find out before Leviathan and then deciding which was more important. The challenge or fixing this. Just a friendly suggestion.

- Quazar
I believe I am the one she refers to in attempting to craft a Dream-scape.

My council and talents are at people's disposal as they need it. You need only to send me a private missive.
I am currently on Folkstone Business, but will see what I can do or what time I may have.

How have people been bumping into the Queen? I was under the impression that she was indisposed in Faerie.
Note, I personally don't care for Domino. However, that is a personal opinion and should not stand for anyone else's opinion.

I believe Freesia is currently indisposed in Faerie as I had a moth rider inform me she was unavailable.

Hope everyone enjoys the new year.

Magnus Heavyhammer
c/o Portsmouth, Folkstone
Out of curiosity, how does one go about making a place in the Dreaming? I'm rather interested.
I'm working out the details for that as we speak. I'll make sure to give a full explanation when I get closer to completion.

The Queen came to me the night before my birthday. It was the first time I've met her, actually. I don't know how others have gotten in contact with her previously, nor if she was indisposed.

That reminds me, if any of you do get in contact with The Queen, please do introduce yourself and state your intent to be one of her Counselors. It seems like a good idea to, though word your statement carefully.

Johan, I'd greatly appreciate that information, thank you.

I met the Queen in the Dreaming just the other night. As a note, would those who remember the graveyard with the mirror contact me, especially if you have details on what broke things there?

Does anyone, on any path, think it beneficial to ask the Queen her opinion in our choices? Or Domino for that matter?

- Quazar

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