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Dreamer: Borjid
Date: 06/15/2008
Where dream occured: Coventry
Interpretation included: None.
This evening, you have a Dream. A smattering of images, voices, faces...

There is an island. A tower. A woman. No, a lot of people, but
faceless. Many colors, many people, many kinds. All are all
converging on this Tower.

A pool. A pond. A lake. A well. You sink, then float. Breaking waves.

"Want to go for a swim, lad?" asks a pleasant, somewhat high-pitched male voice.

A pillar. Many pillars. Water, puddles on the marbled floor. Three
bodies dancing across the marbled floor. Now five. Now none. Now a
grand dance. Black and white.

"May I have this dance?" asks a pleasant, quiet female voice.

Three bodies are walking around. One black and gray. No more. One
white and black and green. Quick, fast. One pink and red. Like a rose.

Water. Waterfalls, reflection. Reflections are everywhere. A
reflection. A mirror.

"I see him. He's right there. We need to make sure he gets out."
states a low-pitched, husky male voice.

Mirror, mirrors, on the walls. On the pillars. In halls that the Three
walk down. Walk down, leading the people. The faceless people.

"Why is it always Three?" asks an exasperated voice, very female and
sounding full of anger. "Why can't it be four, or five, or even ALL
of us? Who died and made you a god, anyway!?"

Stepping lightly pass the puddles. The marble cracks. The faceless
people. You stand in front of a mirror, and can see yourself
perfectly reflected back in your beige clothing and Ivory tabbard.
You look into the mirror and can see the pillars reflected in the
background, the waterfalls, and then all of a sudden you can see
Gideon very clearly wandering around in the background, looking up in
the ceiling as if in a daze, stumbling around and calling out.

"Hello? ...HELLO!? Can anyone hear me?!"

Strong arms grab you and sharply turn you around. You face a statue of
a demon. A fae elf. A demon. A mage? A wizard. It's faceless now.
The grip that had you is gone.

Gideon's voice comes to you again, although sounding far away: "Does
anyone here me?! Hello!!"

Pounding waves. Rushing water. Marbled floors. Three bodies. Lying
on the marbled floor. Across the water.

A mirror. Water. A reflecting pool. You float, you sink. You kick your
feet to try and keep afloat. Wave your arms. Have to break the
And you wake up with a loud thud as you've fallen out of bed.
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