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Tarot Comes to Life

Dreamer: Sir Iawen Penn, among many others
Date: 02/18/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: None Yet.
You find yourself in a room with the feel of five people within but only four can be see, before you is the back of a young man in a Jester’s garb a walking stick in one hand and a small wolf pup at his side. With him are three other people, a middle aged man with a wand in one and a cup in the other, a Necklace around his neck has a golden five pointed Star and there is a dagger at his hip. On either side of man sit two women, one is veiled and in a white gown, a silver circlet holds the veil in place and she seems to have an air of other-worldliness about her. The other woman seems to radiate sensuality and femininity as she reclines in her chair. A golden crown is on her brow and she holds herself with a regal bearing, with a rose in one hand and pedals all around her.
“Well, do you think can they help us?” the man asks his voice echoing with power
“Will they help us?” the woman with the rose says her voice like a purr
“Can, will, can not, will not” The veiled woman say her voice distant and dream like
“They have helped others when called if for no other reason then that they were asked,” The Jester says his voice normal compared to the others, “At least that is what I have seen in our voice’s memories, not only that but this is threat not only to us but it could spread to them if left unchecked...”
(The Fool is right, Magican, Priestess, Empress the others seek no help but we can not do this alone) the voice seems to resonate around the room, (Even now they have dreamers who will see this meeting won’t they Little Fool)
“Wise as always World, yes My Voice’s connection to me has given me the connection to the world that I need. Now we just need to wait and see how far this dream will spread unfortunately it will take time” The Fool says and turns and winks at you, “Well then will you take the next step? find the one who is My Voice to ask what we speak of? Find my Voice; the Voice of the Fool and the Voice of the Twenty Two...”
The Fool turns back to the group and continues to speak with the others as the dream fades away....
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