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Dreamer: Janus, Tara, Phoenix Rose
Date: 04/12/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: No
You are in a cavern with a high ceiling. You are aware of having struggled to get here, but you are not entirely sure why you came. Something about a missing party of scholars. You think back to a map, a series of black dots, labeled as “Barrows”. The number “23” comes to mind.

A woman with strange orange eyes stands next to you, watching you. “This is where it will start,” she was saying “This is on the wind. It has happened before, and is happening again.” You walk with her to the far chamber: five large stone sarcophagi are arranged around a black pillar. The faces pained on the stones are serene and peaceful. But you instincts tell you something different. Something dark.

Statues begin to shift and move, the light begins to dim. You unsheathe your weapons as a smell of ancient rotting flesh fills your nose. Are you too late?

“It’s not what we thought!” someone yells. “This is not a tomb! It’s..” but their scream of death cuts off the thought.

Five Alive… Left for dead….
This is the way the world ends.

I had other dreams afterwards, that I can't remember. This, however...even upon waking, felt way too eerily real. -Phee
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