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Dreamer: Many.
Date: 01/24/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: None Yet.
A funeral.
You're in attendance.
So are others.
Scant few others.

You look around. When did it become so bitterly cold? The sun is shining,
it should not be
cold at all.

You look over your shoulder. There isn't anyone descending down towards you,
towards the others.
There isn't anyone else coming to pay their respects, it would seem.
While sometimes small gatherings seem appropriate, for this one, you expected more.
A lot more.

You look back, hands clasped in front of you.
A white rose, bereft of thorns. Someone had gone through and cut yours off.
But that knowledge along brings more pain; someone had wounded the rose,
just so your life could be easier. Just so the pain of losing would...
hurt less.

The marbled monument was sculpted magnificently. She looks perfect in sleep.
In death.
A frond covered over the linen folds, and the mold of her hands were folded together
as well.
She's just napping. Dreaming.
Maybe she was in the Dreaming at this very moment.

Someone next to you leans in, and asks why [ ]
couldn't make it.
You make up a feeble excuse, feeling slightly guilty for your white lie.
For your white rose.
For the white marble that housed the remains of a dead girl.
White on white on black on green on white.

Some cry. Some wail. Some make no noise at all, but do not hide their tears.
Some hide their tears.
But you, you don't feel anything at all
except guilt.
Why the guilt?
What did you do?
or rather
what *didn't* you do?
And when this funeral is over,
where would you go?
Did you have a Place of your own?
Someone to stand by you?
A Way to Keep in Touch?
Motivation to Keep On
after her death?

Lost , next to the Marble.
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 01-31-11 00:19 AM
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