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Dreamer: Sir Iawen Penn, among many others
Date: 12/04/2010
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: None Yet.
I awoke, remembering a bit of a fragmented dream…

There was a woman, wearing gray. She was also wearing a mask, black on one side, white on the other. She was carrying an oddly colored sword. The sword was long. The woman seemed to see through me, through everything, through time itself… The images shifted. I saw a wild pig.

The images shifted again. There was an infinity symbol in a field of white. At first, the symbol was golden, and lying on its side... then the symbol started to move, counterclockwise. As it turned, the symbol gets darker in color, first turning orange, then red, then burgundy, then brown, then black. It shattered, scattering the pieces. I seemed to fly with the pieces, out of a blank sky and into a forest.

Again, the images shifted. I saw many sand-timers, in a row. I got the sense that time was running out. That something needed to be done before the sands ran down… The images that followed were fractured and varied… a young boy with a black dragon. A man with the mace of Rhomer. A horde of Undead. An evil looking temple. A man with dark features and an infectious smile – everything about him made me recoil in fear. Several robed figures, torturing wolves upon an altar. Sir Aeston, drinking some vile looking brew. A pit of blackness, that seems to squirm and move of its own volition, like a beast.

The images ceased, leaving me in silence and darkness. I heard a voice, female. It is curiously flat, emotionless. “Tell the others. Time is short. The choice is yours.”
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