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Dreamer: Across the Realms
Date: 02/06/2010
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: None.
A Demonic Dream from the Knights of the Eternal Flame Tournaments in 1010 M.R.:

There are many demons about you: so many its hard to keep them all straight. From the Northern demons comes help at a high cost that no mortal can truly pay. From the Southern demons, seduction and story-telling stop you in your tracks, rendering you confused and defenseless. From the East, they steal your name and ruin your reputation. From the West, they ride on devilish beasts, claiming that which belongs to them so long ago.

Everywhere you look, demons. Demons. Demons! Everywhere, on every layer of Hell, you fall down, you fly up. The demons are in bottles, in mirrors, in every lie and bit of posturing. They have plans to invade, to fight in your battles, to gain more power, to get an edge over one another. Don't even start about the demons in dreams! And in the middle of all of this, is you.

You. Just you. With whatever you've got. At least, that's how it feels. You against Hell.

What will you do? ...right. Now, get cracking.
Tags: Monster Type
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