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Dreamer: Various Realmsies
Date: 11/03/2010
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: Comments section
You 'awaken' in a dark place. It's not one of 'evil' or even a general sense of foreboding. When most are in the dark, they fear. But not you. You understand the dark. One must stand in the dark. And you stand, and you begin to walk forward.

So what if you have been sent here. Again. It wouldn't be the first time. You'd prefer it would be the last, but... the Realms was and is and continues to be a strange place. And you continue to walk. In this darkness, you walk. No fear. Although, you *do* wonder what sent you here this time. You couldn't remember. Upset about something? Well, you *have* been more easily flustered recently, but there's was no one to blame but yourself. Right? I mean, usually the reason why you're here, why you end up here, is because of some stupid move you made.

Well, not *all* of them were stupid. Like that time you had to sweet talk two trolls out of making a green adventurer dinner, and then your Second Chance backfired. Granted, you knew that could happen when you took the tome and learned that spell... you just didn't expect it to backfire *that* hard. Come to think of it, that spell had been back-firing a lot more lately. Ending up in another plane, waking up alive but still finding a dagger through your chest, being turned into a demi-god for a night, possessions... the list goes on and on. Maybe somebody keeps Skewing you at gatherings. That had to be it. ...nah, was most likely just your fault, or bad timing.

...Bad timing. Wait, that made sense. A little bit, you think as you continue to walk. There was someone with bad timing. Was it you? Probably. ...or was it him? Her? No, wait. Definitely a her. There was... a discussion? An argument? A fight? Well, most people could certainly take you in a fight. You have a way with words, surely, but a fight-- *wince* -- You're injured? Why are you injured?

You glance down at yourself, still not seeing anything, but know that you're still looking down as your walk comes to a stop. If there was a fight, there wasn't much of one from your end. Taking your hands and placing one over your rib cage and the other on your opposite shoulder, you feel tight bandages. No, no, you definitely could not have been in a fight. Not like this.

But there was a tower, right? And some girl in a tower... had to talk to you? Had to convince you. Of what? Letting go of something. Letting go of what? Was any of this real? Were you dreaming?

-- Wait.

Dreaming. You were dreaming. No, wait. You were the dream.

You were told that you... were...

Not Real.

...faded away under her Words. Powerful Words.

You didn't have the strength to fight back. You didn't have any grip at all. And she made you go away. With the power of Words.

Just like that.

...oh. Oh gods. That's what happened. --

But before you can continue with that train of thought, a screeching sound (like a cawing crow or worse) carries across the darkness, and you feel buffeted by wind and wings. And you begin to run, painful as it is. This isn't the darkness you know. This isn't what you remember it to be. And fear consumes you as you cry out, frightened, calling for help.

But who will hear you?

If a dream dissipates in the Dreaming, does it make a sound?
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Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 11-28-10 12:23 PM
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