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Dreamer: Shane Stillwater Penn
Date: 02/25/2013
Where dream occured: Unclaimed Lands
Interpretation included: None Yet.
Shane 'wakes up' in a desert. There, he sees a small set of graves marked

out, by some stone pillars. Otherwise, all above him is space (night-time)

with many stars.It is very cold out here. And there is only sand as far as

the eye can see.

On further inspection, they're not stone pillars, but sculpted grave-stones.

And each had a five-pointed black star on it. There were inscriptions as

well, but Shane didn't recognize the runes at all. The selkie gets up, a

little more on edge than he was. A desert is fine. Graves are fine. Unmarked

graves are getting close to bad news, but graves marked only with symbols?

Now that's pushing it.

Shane's thoughts are interrupted as he hears a snarl on the wind, and the

sand around him starts to crumble and shake and sink. In the distance, he

can now make out the city of Achoria. A split second later, Shane is

tumbling end over end, scrambling to hold onto something, as he (and the

sand and the graves) sink into a giant hole in the desert.

With a thump (but no pain), Shane lands in a tunnel, depicted with many

pictures, drawings, paintings, runes.
Many pictures show a person or persons sacrificing more people, and gaining

power from the stars.
It's depicted in terrifying ways to Shane, especially the last one shows

possession of a horrible sort, and many people bowing down and worshiping

this possessed person. There was something enormous, foreign to Shane behind

the person, so much so that he was forced to look away and run a bit further

down the tunnel.

How was it even lit?

A moment later, Shane trips on scattered sand and slides down a long shaft

of runic stone, deposited into a very large ritual hall. There were mounds

of treasure around here, and very small holes attached to the floor and wall

(like rat or large spider tunnels).

Shane gets a feeling of deja vu in this room. Once there, he covers his nose

and mouth; the smell of death is overwhelming here, and wicked fresh. He

sees Ged, face down over Demetria, both wide-eyed. They had their throats

slit, and they laid together in a large pool of blood.

Airavarri, wearing black and gray and the heraldry of Creathorne, is shot

full of arrows, stuck up against the base of an altar, one bloodied hand

having fallen atop of a shaft in an effort to pull them out. His head was on

his chest, and there was no more blood left within him, it having rolled

down the marble steps that led up to the altar.

Atop the altar was a man Shane was more recently familiar with; it was Lord

Valas of Achoria (the gentleman injured at Festival of Val'Dara), a large

scimitar driven all the way through his ribs out into the stone slab cover

beneath him. His body was twisted in an odd pattern, and there were

burn/singe marks to suggest a ritualistic massacre.

The heat had been steadily rising as he walked about, and so Shane had large

beads of sweat on his forehead as he rubbed a sleeve across his eyes. This

was a bit disorientating to say the least. Then he heard shouts and calls

for the guards in extremely loud voices, and that the Keep was under attack!

But Shane had no idea where he was?!

And then that snarl was heard again, and much screaming.

There was the splintering of wood, and Shane realized he was behind a door.
And something very,
  • very*
    large was busting through.

    The snarl pierces through to the heart, rattling Shane--
    to be woken up for real, in the Tower.
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