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Dreamer: Defenders, plus others
Date: 09/09/2010
Where dream occured: Various areas of the Realms
Interpretation included: No.
"It's a way of life," she told me. "And once you're walking that path, how can you even think about doing anything else?" I readily nodded an affirmation, but saw that the bravado in her eyes had fallen away completely. She even appeared to be looking beyond me as she spoke her next few words.
"...I think about it. I think about doing something else all the time. Possibly settling down with a family, with friends, with a mate, perhaps children. A piece of land to call my own, that I can work myself or choose to have as much or as little help or visitors as I will. A bright blue day, a warm night by the fire, food in my belly, and the scent of comfort and peace as I drop off to sleep in another's arms."
She stared past me for so long, I thought she was frozen. I ventured a look over my shoulder, but saw nothing there but the rolling hills of grass, flowers, the clouds in the blue sky, and the lake glistening in the setting sun. And when I looked back, she was battle-weary once more.
"We become Defenders so others don't have to. But as a wise young man said to me very recently... we don't have to walk it alone."
"We're never alone." She reached out her gloved hand for mine. "Now, come on. Time to see what you're really made of."
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