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"There are three of you only...? B-but I thought... huh. Never mind what I thought."

"Listen. You don't know me, and hopefully you never will. But I'm trying to contact you, and only you, this one time."

"It's about Giff. I don't think that's his real name, and he seemed like you guys. He seemed real. I got the same Dreams he did, every single one, but I thought he was a spy for the Circle, looking for weak people to take down or to snuff out or to tell on our Lord to. I know I was wrong now, but I can't do anything about it: I'm the other student they've marked since he got away."

"Yes, it *is* that cut-throat. Just listen to me, because I'm really not skilled enough to be casting this. I'm sure someone's going to figure it out. The Moon. It took Giff back, didn't it? And he's hit the ground running? I hope you guys can get him, can give his asylum or something. He and I found out a lot of stuff. About the runes and the like. The difference being we were a little *too* good; because the Lord took notice of us in a bad way."

"...I can hear them on the stairs; they're coming for me. Listen, if you are a mage, and you ever find that guy... just tell Giff that what happened... or what's about to happen to me... It's not his fault. His Moon took him so it wouldn't happen to him. I see that now. He's going on to bigger and better things, I know it. And now that I know what the guild's all about, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't see past my hate and my need, you tell him that. And tell him Qwill wishes he had a pet like Skitters, even if it was for a short while."

"Giff was inspirational. If there's a chance I get to live life over, you tell him I hope to see him ag-ah! AH! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!--"

The paralyzing scream of a young man reverberates so hard in your ears, that you wake up, frightened.
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