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Dreamer: Any in Achoria
Date: 11/13/2010
Where dream occured: Achoria, a province of Blackwood
Interpretation included: Yes.
Two halves, each completing the other, drawing strength and renewing strength from each other. Cool flames lick your skin, and hot ice soothes your brow. Behind you the sounds of a great beast thunder across the landscape. You see a horrible gnashing maw rending trees, flesh and bone. The coolness disappears from your forehead and paints three symbols in the sky as the great beast slows and then stops. A young man reaches and takes the flames for his own. The flames lick his fingers as he begins to walk away. The world hangs for a frozen moment before it all disappears.
There were two artifacts, it was told to me later by an adventurer: one of fire and one of ice. This ice artifact was used to seal away the Gruagach, but since it wasn't used with fire it wasn't powerful enough to actually seal it completely. Rosetta, Nimbus, and a being named 'Masks' from the First Age of Faerie used their combined abilities at that time to supply the extra power needed. No one's come forth with the Ice Artifact's name yet, or if it still exists in a shell form, but empty.

The fire artifact, called The Everburning Shield, was found by a Wellman name Gerald Harden (which leads me to believe that the ice artifact could have been a sword or a weapon of sorts, as sword & board is a likely pairing). He used this, it was said, to burn down the Wellman library a second time, magically, as there were things men ought not to know, or to remember. This artifact was also not found on this excursion under Achoria.

However, the world hanging for a frozen moment could be the part where he burnt their Library. I can only assume the vast amounts of knowledge that were lost. To some people, losing knowledge is losing the world. - Sir Iawen Penn
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