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Your chest hurts as you come to consciousness. But only a little. And your limbs are exhausted and past the point of 'sore'. Where are you? Can you get up? ...no, the limbs want to obey, but something's keeping them back and out.

You're tied up.

You hear the caws and cries of birds... carrion birds. You've heard them before. Never really stuck around after a huge battle to particularly *listen* to their cacophony, but now they are prevalent in your ears. But why tied up? What kind of rope is this? Hmm... its been knotted well. And why is everything still dark? The eyes are open, but they don't see anything but the dark. Flapping wings. More caws. Maybe there was a large feast around, and you involuntarily shudder as your mind supplies you with its own imagery on what the 'feast' could be.

Its an awful lot of noise for these birds, slightly annoying and more than a bit creepy. Whoever was having their fun can stop now, you call out, hoping (sort of) to get the attention of someone or something. Something that could get you answers.

Instead, all you get is a bright light shining down on you, and you cringe, having been in the dark so long. Glorious light! That was a good sign! And what was this? A simple shower of rose petals falling gracefully down? Red and white and... black? Black roses? No...the petals are withering in the light as they fall, and disappear into the darkness.

...this can't be good, your mind tells you, and you struggle against your ropes (now that you can see them, but not what you're tied to or down on).

"Struggle," comes a voice that is low and warbled, and yet strangely female-sounding. "It means you'll give up that much sooner."

And as you're wondering who or what the hell was talking to you, your body screams in pain as a whip of thorns, strips of leather, and shards of bone rides quickly across your legs.
You wake up, and almost instinctively turn towards your pillow, this time not wanting to go back to sleep for a bit. As for your legs, you obviously just slept in a wrong position, for they feel like they've fallen asleep. Easy fix, that is...
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