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A dream can mean so many things to so many different people. Whether or not it is dreamt at same times, or as a group, by one's self, a dream can mean so many different things... to many different people.
I looked in the sky, and saw a star. Just the one? Just the one. And when I looked, that star fell down. And it landed with such a sound. And I thought, Someone might be hurt! And ran to the star. And thought, maybe this star can help me. Maybe this star is the sign I have been waiting for. What if this star was not a sign of good? What if it was a sign for evil. How can one tell the difference? ...I don't know, really. Maybe you should read up on it. Maybe I should. It could help. I guess...but the star seems more than any page in a book can describe, seems more than anything any Mage can conjure, or Druid can hold-- Druids can't hold stars. Okay, you know so much; who CAN? Dreamers. Entertainers? The Silent One. That makes sense. You were saying?
Oh right! I looked and saw this star fall down, and I traveled to it. I saw a great many people there already, gathered around the star, and it was raining. But they didn't know the star was there. They didn't? Knowledge seemed to escape them; they were too concerned about each other, worried about what they might do, what they COULD do to one another. Why would anyone be out there in the rain, worrying about nothing? How do YOU know it's not nothing? Well, because instead of being worried, if it were something, they would just hit each other. That is what they do, yes. A lot. Yes, a lot. Until there was one standing. Listen, I'm attempting to tell you my dream here, and I need help. Oh, sorry; please continue.
And so these people were gathered together, either oblivious to the star, or ignoring it. And four of them were gathered in one spot, and they seemed to be bonded together by one link, but the trust was ... odd... between them. Odd? What? I mean, odd how? Oh, because of the way they stood. All of them, arms across their chests, just listening. That's it? Except for the female; she was clinging to one of them. Why? Listen, if I knew, I wouldn't be paying you two bloody rowan to interpret my dream. Quite right, I understand. Anyway, these four were looking at all these people, and they realized that not all of them gathered there had a direction, like they did. A direction? A place, a life goal, a way to walk. Continue. I shall. They conferred amongst each other, and talked only to each other, and then it was the female's idea to talk to the others. And was she able to communicate? I don't know; I was trying to get past all of them, to look for the star.
And what happened then? Well, I saw a few people... maybe three, actually, but not really anymore, standing next to the four. And they seemed to be hot-headed, and arguing with others, and asking for action to be done. And people kept traveling back and forth over their ... I don't know, their 'spot' I guess. And they got angrier, and said it wasn't something you could just wear as a vestment. What? Vestment. Clothes. I KNOW what clothes are; I'm asking 'what' they couldn't wear? Their spot, I think. ...well, that seems rather silly. It does. And the star wasn't near-by? No, not to them either. So I went around to the next place or spot, but noticed that the rain was dampening everyone's spirits and raising everyone's tempers. Well, they probably didn't want to be sick. ...it was a DREAM. ...right, then, so carry on. I shall.
I walked to the next place, and there were three people once more, and they were drawing things up... plans for a weapon? A boat? A large thing. They were all males, and each had the crazy gleam of madness in their eyes. How could you tell? I walked right up to them and looked into their eyes; they didn't see me or even acknowledge me when I yelled really loud. Nothing at all? No, they were obsessed with their invention, I guess. ...you sound a bit saddened by this discovery. Well... yeah. No one likes being ignored, you know? Not really. ...what am I paying you for again? Dream interpretation. ...yeah, fair enough. So these guys in green and black and brown, they have this little girl behind them, and she keeps encouraging them to ignore the others and to keep building their... skimmer? Their hammers? Their somethings. It ended in 'er', that's clear. Not really. ... Don't mind me, carry on.
So then I walked to the next spot, and there was only one man standing there. There were females darting in and out, and many people coming and going, but he just stood there. He looked exhausted, and annoyed as hell, but had too much clout to say anything about being out in the rain, which started to become a torrential downpour. That hard, you say? Was there no shelter near-by? Come to think of it, there ...kind of was? A fence. A small look-out tower? But this was on a beach. The star crashed on the beach? No, it crashed in the lake beyond the beach. And so did you travel out to get it? Hell no, I can't swim! ... Continue. So, this guy is getting more and more angry, and seems to be turning into like stone and wood where he's standing, not even a real human at all, and he had on this armor that he didn't look too happy about. What did the armor look like? Hell if I know, I avoided that guy; he seemed REALLY angry. And then what did you do?
I walked past him and found this little thin rail of a girl... at least I think it was a girl, and she just kept using her hands to articulate everything. And then I realized she couldn't speak at all. And there was a patchwork man there, too. 'Patch-work man'? Yeah, like in stitches and fabric and stuff--can I have another? Of course. Thanks. Talking makes a guy thirsty. Anyway, these two seemed to be attempting to convey things, but only silently. No speaking at all. Not at all. And some people would wander into their 'spot', find it too hard, and wander out. And they became disheartened by it, by shrugged and kept going. What do you think they were attempting to communicate to people? ...'Who's next?' I don't know. At that point I had to focus on the star. Was it hurt? Was it alive? You believed the star to be alive? I did in this dream. So, since I can't swim, I just walked across the water, which became glass, and saw the star, trapped way below like a pin-point of light. And I remember thinking to myself, 'this ice is really cold' and then it was ice, and not glass.
And so we're back to the beginning, then. Huh? What do you mean? When you came in here, you actually complained that it was too cold. But the temperature is far too hot outside, for the first day of September. Are you feeling alright? ... ... ... So, are you going to interpret my dream, or what? No need to get cross, young sir. Just give me a few minutes to review my notes here. Listen, I don't have a lot of time. I'm on my break... how about I swing by later and get the result? I wouldn't recommend that, sir. This dream will take some time, but to be sure it IS fascinating, and my superior in the practice would love to speak to you about it after she reads it. But I'm on--You can consider the service free if you stay. No need to pay any rowan at all, and I'll speak to your captain about it.-- ... ... ...sure. Deal. Excellent. Just wait right here, sir; I'll be right back.
...stupid doctors. All quacks. Why did I even come here? And that was a stupid thing to agree to. If the captain knows I'm dreaming freaky shit, then he'll take me off patrol. I can't afford that now, I--what the hell?! Get your hands off me!? Where are--what are you--?!
    You wake up.
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