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"The Counselors do not speak to each other. They do not share tales and deeds. They do not consult each other. They grow distant not only from each other, but from us, the Spirits that they have sought after, the Paths of which they have chosen."
"I understand, master, but how is this any different from the last time?"
"Because of how the Mages are affected. This group is different. They know, they can feel. They--"
"Master? Are you alright? Master?!"
"...listen well. The Black Star Guild are stepping up their game. *cough* You know what you have to do."
"As always, I am your humble servant."
"And as always, I am grateful. Go now, and craft them a dream. Send them a warning. *cough cough* ... ... ... You're still here."
"You're dying."
"...yes. Yes, I am."
"If you don't re-fill the position of Space and Fire, Master, then they could lose a very important tool in the coming war against the Infinite Dark."
"...if I am not there, that is alright, so long as Space & Fire can counsel the... queen. Someone else will fill it. They'll--*cough cough cough*"
"I'm their current counsel, but not with a capital C. I could take it for myself, and you'd still be there."
"No. I know as well as you the coming role we've fore-seen for you in the coming years. If I die, I die. I am content with that."
"You're afraid, you mean."
"...if you were any lesser being, I'd curse you for that."
"Understood. That won't stop me from saying it, however. I've loved you, cared for you the first time we ever met, the first time I was ever given over to you. I may have worn different faces over the eons, and to you you may have worn none, but what will never change is my service to you. Order me, my master. I have been idle by their sides for too long, and we both know the danger that is writhing forth in all directions."
"We do. ...we do. Airavarri was lost to it."
"Is that what happened to him?"
"Then it's true. The Twilight Fae...I'm sorry, master, for your loss."
"It matters not; be more sorry for Rel. He exists once more, and will have to go through this all over again. ...I'm going some place dangerous, accompanied by Lightspring, who has chosen Mage in a round-about way. This will be the first time, technically, that I have ever returned to this place since the eighties. You have to make sure that we make it out of Fletcher's Country alive."
"Two halves make a whole; I understand. I have been keeping tabs on them, but there is a good chance they might not make it there, Master. The Infinite Dark, I have seen, is already on its way, somewhere in the middle of the evening."
"... 'like a thief in the night, will I suddenly steal in, and when I exit I leave nothing behind. Not a wail, not a tear, nothing.'..."
"...never mind. *cough* Craft a dream. Send them a warning."
"...I have been. Now, as we're talking."
"What, this conversation?"
"Yes. In their case, I see no reason to pussy-foot around."
"...no. No, I suppose not. *cough cough* They'll get all of this, then?"
"Until you tell me to stop. I had to back up a few moments so they could understand the context."
"Let them know that another Grand *cough* Conjunction is happening. Let them *cough cough* know that under the lands they call Achoria, there*cough cough hack*--"
"Master? ...Master?! ...shit! --
...well, you three. You heard us. Get to it."

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