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Type of Missve: Public Lists
Date: April 27th, 1011
Responses: Three.
Posted in taverns, on walls and pretty much any vertical space frequented by passerby:

Once upon a time, King Alexander walked into a forest and... found himself near a tavern. Where ogres and elves were fighting a thousand-year war. After belching loudly, he gasped because he saw a golem! It was a chocolate golem! Unfortunately, he had no milk-shakes to bring all the silly naked elf hugging ogres to the yard. However, lady Twen came to William Althorne and shook her hand for they had a bet about... how long King Cecil could keep a bratwurst in his naval. The real trick to lube up the naval first. For this, he used the syrup expelled from the golem's excitement glands. This led to... an argument about the rules. Cecil then Banished the golem. The king stomped angrily off and drank his ale, heartily. "Told ya so," said Twen. William was dumbstruck. The end.
So this is what happens when you're famous. People invent mad libs about you.

To whomever has besmirched my Champion's Honor with this "mad lib"... I will find you.

~Dame Sir Freesia of Folkestone~



Please understand there was a joke there.
I too, have a sense of humor, but it appears to be lost on the masses and my friends.
  • geesh* Lighten Up!
    I don't know, I thought it was pretty funny myself!

    -Leuconoe Kil'tra
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