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Rumors from the North: After this past weekend's Tournaments in the lands of Creathorne, some event goers have noticed an odd change as they go past Blackwood. It has been described as a shimmer by some and a solid semi-transparent wall by others. Some Travelers even report not being able to leave Blackwood and enter the lands of Achoria via the Eastern Road. While the Blackwood military is investigating; it has been recommended that travelers use caution and possibly seek alternate routes around Blackwood unless absolutely necessary. Further information or inquiries may be directed to the Lords of Blackwood.

Darkvale: Human refugees are pouring out of Darkvale over its borders to Chimeron, Blackavar, and Eagle's Rook, describing an upcoming atrocity that they wanted to avoid. Although a rather chilling warning, no details on the exact atrocity were given.

Paradise: Celebrations are winding down that were heralding the beginning of Diskordia season. There is a small betting pool on when the Goddess might choose her Holy Day for this city (she has until August seventh, after all), and more colorful banners are being hung or raised up on the remaining buildings within the city.

Across the Realms: Several villages are speaking about the random people traveling from a small town called Daybreak. They ask only for the basic necessities (if that) and work for the few days they are visiting, but in that time they are teaching 'The Ritual of Light', citing that it is time for every commoner to do their part.

Nature's Kin: Demons and undead have returned to Nature's Kin, and the succubus that the Heroes rescued last year has been taken by the Legion of Discord. Lyara did not seem all that happy as she was led away.

Achoria: Traders are commenting how there is activity out in the deserts that they hadn't seen in quite some time: groups of humanoids, carrying what seem to be cargo or other types of supplies into the sands themselves.

North-East, towards River Town: A merchant trader is completely baffled as to why the forest is seemingly still in the throes of winter when spring has been so heavily felt in the Realms as of late. He speaks of dead trees, frozen streams, knee-high snow, and little to no animal activity whatsoever. Residents of River Town haven't gone to investigate, as the weather is just fine where they are.
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