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Wendmor: A couple of traveling beggar men were heard preaching about 'The Ritual of Light' in return for bowls of barley stew or a place to sleep. As it gets colder, the citizens of Wendmor are winding down on outdoor constructions and focusing on gathering and clearing out more land (for firewood among other things). The first official 'harvest' produced a small bumper crop of corn and pumpkins and wheat. There are talks of a few adventurers possibly volunteering for the day in October of the Black & White before being sent to the festival itself, and a great project is planned for November 12th, with a few from both Folkestone and Coventry spear-heading such a project.

Chimeron: A farmer and his sons traveling the road past Fort Griffindor were set upon by bandits, but apparently were saved with no casualties. When the farmer attempted to pay the rescuers a sack of corn and a few silver, the statement issued was that 'rangers of the sun need no payment' and instead spoke to the farmer about the sun and how all good men would soon be needed to shine their light against the darkness. The men retreated to the wood-line not long after when others joined the farmer on the road. They were dressed plainly in greens, grays, and browns, but one bore the symbol of Aurora on an arm-band. Only men were seen; no females.

L'havre de Foret: There has been to little to no activity within the magickal forest, thus so that near-by villages are thinking about sharing the labor and logging it for its fire-wood and harvesting what nuts, berries, and game can be had there.

Achoria: A woman in worn-weather clothes has set up a small tent around The Oasis, teaching something called 'The Ritual of Light' to any who are willing to learn, and expounding on the teachings of the Five Ladies (especially Luna). She also is accepting donations of food and warmer clothing in return for telling fortunes.
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