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Jade Dragon Tea House: Traders and merchants report that there has been a small earthquake at top the mountain where the Jade Dragon is built atop of. It is said that while there are no ruins to be found, that the Jade Dragon Tea House has disappeared. Many wandered the summit looking, discovering that they were going in circles. There has been no sign or word of Mistress Altana Cecil or her girls as it has taken this long for news to travel. Many wonder and fear what her cousin, King Alexander might do if she does not turn up soon, and who will have to answer to him.

Eagle's Rook: A woman armed with a staff and a small satchel of cards (not much more) fought off a pack of wolves at a cross-road intersection. There were several wolves and yet the woman retained only minor cuts and bruising.

L'Havre Foret: As Spring is winding down in Summer, Brownie schools may or may not be re-opening, the rumor being that the teachers haven't returned. Many of the younger students find this distressing.

Achoria: There has been much lycanthrope activity within and around the outside of the city of Darkhealden. The Mandirs to the Five Ladies have each suffered either robberies and destruction of property, or in only a couple of cases acolytes bitten and potentially afflicted. Tymora's Mandir has suffered the most, with no repairs having been made since the first break-in, and all of the special artifacts having been removed.

Darkvale: There has been strange rumblings coming from the interior - There seems to have been a shake up of some sort within it's ruling body and no one is sure who is in charge anymore. Any scouts trying to enter the area to investigate have either gone missing or are not allowed within the borders. Any diplomats are being met at the edge of the territory by armed guards who don't seem to be willing to talk.

Coventry: After the fall of a certain type of magic - The Guilds went into pure panic mode and there was much infighting. The Knights of the Crown were called in to keep the peace several times due to out right magical duels within city limits. All of this seems to have died down for now but there are still several high ranking Guild officials missing. The Knights of the Crown are still keeping a sharp eye out for any other disturbances.

Qua Taereth Nunna: A new spice has appeared in the small farmers' markets here and there. It is light blue, and some say it makes food on the whole taste a lot better (regardless of what food type it is). It is being sold for a silver an ounce, but the name of the spice hasn't carried just yet.
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