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Eagle's Rook: A few days ago, merchants traveling from Ashbury on the
paved road towards Chimeron Proper (to make early preparations) were
set upon by bandits, but apparently were saved with little to no
casualties (one barrel of salted pork was smashed). When the
merchants tried to pay the heroes, the statement issued was that
'rangers of the sun need no payment' and insisted they deal fairly if
not in low prices once they reached Chimeron. The so-called rangers
retreated to the wood-line and were soon gone from sight.

There is a huge bonfire being planned by those who live in the Keep
today, started with tournies and fun (sparring/sport) games by day,
and then evening drinking and feasting by a very large fire. As long
as one has a tale of battle, one is welcome to attend it in Eagle's
Rook. Fae haters need not attend.

Tarngire: An offering of many, many dead leers and native animals to
the area were offered to the Keep today for the Baroness and her
family to keep her and her own fed through-out the soon-to-be cold
months. There was a scrawled message in the dirt that read: We Will
Not Forget.

Temple of Luna, Corsica: Oddly, when one is robbed in Corsica, most
citizens there take this news with a shrug. However, when the call
went up that the church there had actually been robbed, a 'collection'
and shake-down of sorts took place. Three *very sorry* oarsmen were
returned (a little worse for wear) to the church with half the money
and orders to work off the rest.

Wendmor: The final barn (for now) has been raised, and the harvest is
beginning to be collected. The hope is to lay down a bit more of the
dirt paths before the snow flies.

Barrow Downs: All towns within a 5 hour walk of the Downs have been
abandoned. signs along the routes near the Barrow Downs warn not to
dwell there after nightfall.

Southern Wastes: A couple of young gents appear to be building a rag
tag watch tower in The Wastes. The odd thing is, they haven't
encountered much in the way of trouble. This is likely due to its
close proximity to Vax's Smithy.
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