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Unclaimed Lands between Iron Kingdom and Western Borderlands: There are reports of the entire population of a small village in unclaimed lands disappearing overnight. Nearby villages report hearing strange noises and seeing what appeared to be man-sized wind-up toy soldiers wandering around in the woods.

Ivory: A warrant has gone out for the arrest of Daniel and Gwen Loremipsum. Inquiries should be made to Dame Faelinn Shadowmoon. Charges include: murder, subversion of will, and failing to show respect for the dead. There have also been whispers of a demon worshiping cult that the Loremipsums were potentially partook of; Information about this supposed cult and other members is also being sought by the Council of Governance. It is known they also have a son, an active adventurer, within the Realms.

General Realms: There have been a few humans asking around for knowledge and curiosities for trade around a few larger cities, offering strange glowing crystals in exchange.

Chimeron, Fort Gryffindor: A soldier was surprised to find a hung corpse on a tree branch, the crows already making short work of the face. While dressed plainly, a sign hastily painted and tied to the male corpse's wrist read: "Told Lies".

Wendmor: A healer is under house-arrest after it was revealed (by his own admission) of not only assisting a group called The Black Star Guild in the capturing of faeries, but of recruiting as well for sub-sections of the group called 'The Force' and 'The Shield' in the past. He has put up no resistance and is still being seen for injuries and treatments (although he cannot make house calls). Wendmor citizens are looking for another Healer or one skilled in the ways of herbs and medicines to winter with the town in this healer's stead, but are unsure what to actually 'do' with this gentleman as he has been helping Wendmor from the very beginning.

Venomland, borders: a few humans are seeking out the lord of the land, looking to 'serve the lord' in return for 'food and shelter/asylum'.
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